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Background:In recent years, with the development of China’s football environment and atmosphere, the enthusiasm of social capital investment in football has been greatly improved, the investment of professional football clubs has increased sharply, the construction of football venues is in full swing, the popularization of social youth training, start-up companies and other diversified entities have been established.

With this, there is an increasing demand for international exchanges and cooperation, whether in the employment of players and coaches, the commercialization of cooperation based on competitions or the promotion and sale of products and services. However, it is always difficult to effectively communicate and proceed the engagement due to the limited understanding of the rules, policies and current situation of Chinese football industry by overseas cooperation institutions and professionals.

FootballPros is the first football information platform specially for the professionals of football industry in China. It was launched in 2018.

Basically, FootballPros share cutting-edge and targeted information about Chinese professional leagues, clubs, transfer market, sports technology and other thematic information to domestic and overseas followers, aiming to help understand Chinese football industry better, to improve international exchanges and cooperation, as well as the promotion and development of commercial projects in China.

In order to continuously provide high-quality and in-depth professional information, FootballPros established official cooperation with a number of football leagues, clubs, sports technology companies and sports technology accelerators.


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In addition, in May 2020, in order to facilitate more effective and targeted understanding and learning of relevant industry information for the majority of users, we launched the Chinese and English PC information website: www.footballpros.cn